It’s no question that street marketing still is an effective way to get the word out and cause attention to be drawn. Through our monthly Open House Weekends we join together as a company to promote open houses all over central Florida. Central Florida is home to nearly 8.2 million people, ensuring a large audience to choose from in the housing market.

Our monthly Open House weekend unites relators to have signs, flyers, and to encourage bringing out potential buyers in neighborhoods. The impact of print marketing and social marketing is a force that and really bring you contracts and sales!

Paper Marketing:

When doing open houses, sales or just listed you can have postcards and flyers created to send out to certain zip codes or neighborhood you wish to target. This ensures a more direct approach to people through their address, to get information out on whatever subject you plan to choose. In our marketing store, you can find great options and templates to ensure you find the right fit and custom information your potential clients will love! Spreading information through flyers can range your audience as well, so leaving them at local locations may actually find someone who is in need of your services.

Online Marketing:

Although paper is direct contact, online marketing can reach people across all of online, in multiple locations versus a direct zip code. Using social media can be done in different ways such as paid ads, and reaching out just through facebook pages/your personal page. When doing paid ads you can reach more people than you may have through your personal, so having paid ads can be worth the investment. Ads can be any price, as the more money you apply to the ad the more people it will engage and run for. With ads you can as well target a certain zip code or demographic if you’re having an open house in surrounding locations, to get the word out about the event and drive more traffic!

No matter your preference for marketing, in our marketing store we handle it all. You can find our ordering store at and order anything from postcards, flyers, Facebook Ads, Email footers, E-flyers, and Imaging for your listings! (Some at no cost to you!). Applying yourself when it comes to marketing will promote you and your business so effectively that you’ll be the talk of the town!