Tech add-on for your Smart Home

 Add these tech add-ons for your Smart Home. Looking to the future? These are the newest and most coveted items to become a tech buff in your own home.
These futuristic add-ons will change the way your house functions and most importantly allows the homeowner to have more control.

Tech Add On #1 Vizio SmartCast

Smart TV

The first tech add-on for your smart home is the 4K TV. Smart 4K tv has four times the resolution as a high-def TV. More content providers are making their shows and movies available in 4K so it’s the new add most homeowners should have. A great example would be the “Vizio E50u-D2” because it provides the best image quality under the widest variety of real-world viewing conditions.



Tech Add On #2 Smart Plug


Smart Plugs

More tech for your smart home? Consider a Smart plug. You can control smart plugs like “iDevices” from an app on your phone, so you never have to walk over and turn a switch. Smart Plugs are also ideal for houses with small children since they are only made to sense currents of plugs and not little fingers.



Tech Add On #3 Smart Mat





A cool tech add-on for your smart home is new “Smart Yoga Mat“. The world’s first intelligent yoga mat helps you take your practice to the next level. The smart mat can detect and correct your movement and alignments while you’re doing your workout at home.



Tech Add On #4 Smart Sleep Sensor

Smart Sleep Sensors

Another Tech add-on for your smart home is Sleep Sensors. These gadgets are designed to monitor and help you improve your sleep. An example is, “Withings Aura “which not only monitors your sleep, but it cycles through light and sound programs to try to improve it. Another example is  “Sense“, a little orb that sits in your room monitoring noise, light, temperature, humidity and air particles. Sense can also wake you up at the ideal part of your sleep cycle.


Tech Add On #5



Smart bulbs

A truly inspired tech add-on for your Smart house is Smart bulbs that you can link to the rest of your house. For example, with “Philips’ Hue LED lights” and “Philips Hue Bridge smart home device“, you can remotely turn on or off dozens of light bulbs in and around your house.



Tech Add On #6









Smart lock

Last but not least tech add-on for your Smart home is the smart lock. This feature is actually recommended for every new smart house. While the other items on the list are add-ons, this could become an essential add-on in every new house. Smart locks, like “Kwikset’s Kevo” are Bluetooth-connected. This means you can lock and unlock your door from your smartphone, just make sure you are within Bluetooth range of your Kevo smart lock.


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