Owning Versus Renting: Things to Consider

It is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. Deciding on renting a place to live or buying. The costs between the two options can be complicated when it comes to buying versus renting, thus making the question more complicated. Taking the right steps toward your best interest are crucial when it comes to a living space. Are you financially ready to put a down payment to a home? Are you just content with going month to month renting? What are the best options? To  help ease the stress, here are a couple helpful insights to aid you in the process of deciding on owning versus renting.

Owning Versus Renting: The Down Payment

owning versus renting house downpayment

Twenty percent down payment is the minimal preferred amount to finance a home. There are however there are some loans in which will allow less of a down payment. While down payments vary, this is the first step into which one could identify as a home owner, as opposed to renting. To some it may be a real struggle to accumulate enough for a down payment. When downpayment becomes an issue, this may be a red flag with being able to manage owning a home, especially as there are more expenses which will incur.

The down payment with rental may be a security deposit. Security deposits claimed after your lease is up or dependent on the lease agreement. Clearly, a deposit will be generally be less money up front, than a down payment on a home.

With the down payment sorted, the next step in deciding whether to own as opposed to renting is the monthly mortgage payment. In some cases, you may pya about the same to rent monthly as you would for a mortgage. There are a few differentiating factors left to decide.

Owning Versus Renting: Upkeep 
Owning versus renting handymanWhen renting, the landlord has the repairs to make, whether its an apartment or a house. The cost to repair if any and all repairs generally are in the hands of the landlord. Should you be the homeowner, all repairs and upkeep are now your responsibility. Are you able to maintain the upkeep?

Home repairs require the basic knowledge of tools. Repairs can come out of nowhere, and challenges may arise and call for professional assistance. There is no shame in reaching out to professionals.

With renting, on an apartment side of things, you may not always like your neighbors. If there is a tenant above you or next to you that may be just a little too loud at times, this may be a serious downside to renting.
There are some positives to renting. These benefits include lower housing costs as well as shorter-term commitment and as stated before, minimal repair costs.

Premium Properties Real Estate Services is more than happy to answer any further questions you may have, and help narrow down what is the best fit for you. So will you be owning versus renting? Check out our website for more details!




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