Home Renovation Apps can inspire New Homeowners

New Home Owner? Looking for inspiring ideas? a “home renovation app” might be the easy solution.

Home Renovation apps can help you calculate the number of tiles you need, or rearrange furniture virtually.

If this sounds like a great concept, consider these “Top 4 home renovation apps”. The most exciting factor is that you don’t have to spend a penny, these apps are completely free!



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HomeDesign 3D

Home Design 3D is a home renovation app that allows you to create new designs and floor plans. It even furnishes and decorates your new home, all with a click of a button! HomeDesign’s main feature is “Photo 3D rendering”. This allows you to create a 3D mock up of your design that you can export and share with anyone.

You can use their desktop version on the computer or download the app for free, beware.. it can be addicting.


Home Color Project









Project Color Home Depot

Consider virtually painting your house with “Project Color by Home Depot”.

This particular “home renovation app” allows you to select paint options virtually.

Choose as many colors as you want, until you find your perfect match.

Find your “ dream color” you can match it and Home Depot’s inventory will locate it for you.



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Decorating the outside of your home is just as important, why not have a home renovation app for that?

Iscape is a landscaping app that allows you to design and test out several design options.

Specifically, you can snap a picture then drag and drop to different landscapes, either in your front yard or your backyard.

The app is primarily for IOS users, but it also has a lite version for Android users as well!


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“Encircle” is a home renovation app helps you take pictures of every item as you arrange.

This app is useful to keep track of all your household items. You can refer back to the app to file claims for any items damaged or stolen.


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