Energy Saving Tips are crucial to creating energy efficiency for a new home. Most energy saving tips can be achieved with a few simple steps.

If you apply these tips correctly you can reduce your carbon footprint, help out the environment, and be a skilled and practical new homeowner!




Improve the insulation in your new home… How do you achieve this?

Check for cracks in your windows, if you find crack patch the weak points up with a putty or sealer.

Most window sealers come in an easy grip tube, you simply pour it over the crack and smooth to fill any air bubbles.

You can also use sealant trips to cover the ends of the door. Sealants will look like the sticky tape you just pull and cover interior and exterior edges.

Another tip that won’t cost anything is closing curtains or blinds after dark. By doing this simple energy saving tip you trap in the warm air and prevent droughts in the future.

Insulation tips save you hundreds on your energy bills, as well as make a reduction to your carbon footprint.


 Energy Star Logo



Look for the HE logo

If you’re looking for energy efficient brands, Energy Star certified appliances are the most suggested.

These appliances use less energy and use less harmful gases and wastes.

Might seem that a little pricey, but ultimately you save more and dramatically lower your monthly bill.


Heat and Cool Options







Heating and Air

An easy energy saving tip to remember, try reducing the heater during the winter months and stabilize the temperature in the summer.

Unless absolutely necessary try and keep the heat and a minimal temperature in the winter.

In the summer, keep your thermostats at a comfortable setting, because changing them up all the time actually takes a lot more energy.

According to the Residential Energy Services “Heating and Air account for almost 56% of a household budget”.

This is why this easy step can actually end up dramatically decreasing your energy bill.


Preserve your energy

Energy conservation

Another energy-saving tip? Consider turning certain things off when they are not in use all year round.

Even when things are not in use they are still taking up energy even if they are just plugged in.

Overusing appliances increases your carbon footprint which bad for the environment.

Moreover, these effects increase your energy bill in the long run and risk the lifespan of your appliances.



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