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Customizing your new home online is the new way to accomplish convenience with no compromise to quality. Here I’ve composed a list of websites that help you create custom furniture, bedding, even collages! The best thing about customizing your new home online is that you can see a real preview of how everything will look without the heavy lifting!


SpoonFlower Customize Online #1

SpoonFlower is a custom Fabric Print store that lets you preview custom prints online. In this site, you can design Fabric, Wallpaper, even Gift Wrap. You simply select a graphic and then use it to customize any fabric or wallpaper of your choice. A nice feature is that Spoonflower supplies eco-friendly printing, which means the print process uses water-based pigment inks and dyes, with very little waste.


Customize Online #2



Next up on our list is ZGallerie, this website customizes furniture based on contemporary art and current fashion trends. It’s not a conventional website for customization but offers a more quirky approach. ZGallerie Customers are first invited to take their “Style Personality Quiz” to uncover their personal approach to style. Based on the results of your quiz, ZGallerie list suggestions that best match your style.



Customize Online #3






Another website to customize your new home online is “Joy bird”. This online site creates handcrafted furniture from sofas, tables even chairs.  One of the most exciting factors of this site is that you can see the furniture your customizing as you go online. The very best part of “Joy bird’s” service is their “365 day home trial”.Once you customize your furniture pieces you can try it in your home for one-year, if you don’t love it, send it back.



customize online #4






The next website to customize your new home online pbteen. Despite the title, This site is for everyone and has everything. You can customize your bedding, pillows, towels and furniture finishes. The best part is that unlike the other sites “pbteen” offers very economical prices for everything they customize online. This website even has a “style quiz” to determine the kind of room and accessories you would like to have.


Customize Online #4











Last but not least on our list is “Eazywallz”, where you customize your new home online with wall murals. On top of selling standard prints that range from mountain landscapes to abstract art, they also have a “customize your own option“. Simply upload your image, then you review the preview of how it will look with your dimensions and place your order That’s it!. A fun new feature they have is “create a collage”. This allows you to create a collage of however many pictures you want. You simply pick a style layout for your collage and send it to print.


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