Apps to help Save For your New Home

Saving for a New home can be stressful. And yes- there is sage advice online on how to budget, but that’s just advice, sometimes you need tools to help you become a better financial guru. Ask yourself is there an app for that? Here are the top 5 “Apps to help you save for your New home”

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First on the list of “Apps to help you Save for your new home” is Mint. Usually, the very first step when saving is to “Create a budget”. With Mint, you can automatically track your spending, and categorize it. Mint also alerts you when you approach your budget limit.


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Once you establish your budget the next step is to quarantine that budget as much as you can. Sometimes it becomes difficult to make financial cuts. Another on the list of “apps to help you save for your new home” is Digit.

Digit automatically scans your income and spending patterns. It transfers a small amount of savings that you won’t necessarily need a separate account.

Credit Karma

Another on the list of “apps to help you save for your New Home” is Credit Karma. It might not seem so, but this step is crucial. Credit Karma offers free credit scores and reports to make sure you’re on track for your future home purchase. Moreover, Credit Karma allows users to monitor their spending patterns by linking to their credit card and bank accounts. Credit Karma also recommends better credit card or loan offers that can further improve your finances.


Last Step and the hardest is maintaining your spending habits to accommodate your new budget.

This part can be tricky but of course, you don’t have to figure it out alone. Our last App to help you save for your new home is Level Money. Level Money automatically calculates your income and recurring bills and then suggests what your daily, weekly, and monthly spending should be.Another great factor the app has is that it comes up with the amount you should be saving every month and subtracts that from your monthly budget.


Here at Premium Properties we value our customers and want to inspire new homeowners to be financially responsible.

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